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This is what you will get when you decide to invest today in Conversion Masters :
  • 9 Modules & 45+ Videos of pure value, no fluff, full with actionable information you can use TODAY
  • You will learn how to install Google Analytics in your store & which are the metrics that will help you scale your ads to the moon
  • How to setup goals in Google Analytics & see EXACTLY where people are dropping off.
  • EXTRA! You will learn how to use FB ads like a rockstar! 
  • From using the right ad types & product research to & testing & find winning products (A to Z module from Sebastian Gomez!)
  • EXTRA! You will learn how to optimise your FB ads for optimum results! 
  • From targeting & manual bidding to lookalike audiences & scaling to 7 figures! (A to Z module from Ben Malol!)
  • You will learn how to save 25% of your total ads budget simply by changing one little detail (This is priceless!)
  • How to utilise the power of Google ads in your store - i will show you step-by-step how to setup campaigns in Google Search, Google Display, remarketing, Google Shopping, Gmail ads & Youtube ads!
  • Which are the elements in your store that are hurting your conversions & how to fix them for an immediate increase in your Conversion Rate! 
  • How to raise trustworthiness & authority of your store so people won't have second thoughts when buying from you
  • How to create an amazing customer experience for your first buyers and turn them into raving fans!
  • How to build a branded store where you could sell later on for 6 - 7+ figures!
  • How to identify which products are going to sell well before you even test them (HINT : i don't even use Aliexpress at first place)
  • How to identify which are the "buying interests" you need to target so you will stop wasting money
  • So much more 
Watch Thomas making $10,064.35 in revenue from a single campaign with only $380.53 spent!
"2644% ROI from one campaign! His expertise is mind blowing & breathtaking"
- Thomas Bartke - 7 figure FB ads expert aka "The Pixel Whisperer" - Creator of Trackify, Manual Bidding Master & Coach to Dozens of Students with Amazing Results
See how I helped Napoleon make $20,720 in 72 hours and $45,900 in 5 days!
***UPDATE*** $19,300 by 8am EST!
$41,324.73 in 7 days using one of my methods!
See how I helped A.J make another $10,000 in 30 days by leveraging his Google Analytics data!
You can achieve similar results when you follow my 7 step proven system!
Meet Huy who went from $0/day to $5,182.94/day in revenue with a brand new store!
And here's Huy again who broke the 5 figures/Day club in exactly 30 days!
Join my private 7-step coaching program, Conversion Masters and learn how to leverage Google Analytics to find the hidden profits in your business!!

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You Are 100% Backed By My Ironclad 30 Day  No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

It's time You Stop Leaving Money on the Table!

From the desk of: Dimitris Skiadas 

Dear Shopify Entrepreneur:

You can ask any successful 6- or 7-figure Shopify store owner, and they will all agree:

“The One Thing Every Shopify Store Owner Needs Is Quality Traffic and Maximized Conversions

These two things elude business owners like a slippery bar of soap in wet hands.  As soon as you think you got it, the soap bar slips away!

What do I mean by that?

I mean that…

  • Traffic sources quickly dry up as they become saturated with competitors almost instantly…
  • Conversions seem to go up at first, but then they plateau, then they start to drop…
  • This process repeats, over and over, each time you seem to discover a new traffic source. This never-ending cycle of chasing the next sale, day after day, week after week, becomes very annoying!

…Do you ever take a close look at your store’s Analytics data?

If not, you’re leaving a huge pile of money on the table every month, because this means you’re missing sales at times when you shouldn’t have missed them.

If you want to see proof of this, continue reading…

Fact Check: 14 out of 15 Shopify store owners have no clue how
to analyze their Analytics to make more money

Do you really know...

  • Which pages are forcing your visitors to leave your site, without you even knowing it?
  •  In what ways do buyers differ from lurkers, and how many visitors actually convert?
  •  What specific steps can you do to persuade passive “window shoppers” to buy your stuff?
  •  Is your site not displaying correctly on certain operating systems or web browsers?
  •  Which particular age group buys the most?
  •  How should you target your PPC campaigns in a way that won’t waste the precious budget?
  •  Where should you sell more to (geographically), and where should you not sell at all?
I've Helped more than 50+ owners 1-on -1 to scale their Ecom business to 7 & 8 figures. Are you next?
My goal is to help YOU too scale your ecom store to 7 & 8 figures.
Join my private 7-step coaching program, Conversion Masters and learn how to leverage Google Analytics to find the hidden profits in your business!!

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You Are 100% Backed By My Ironclad 30 Day  No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

What if you could explode your Shopify business by using the SIMPLE ANALYTICS SECRETS that are waiting to be leveraged?
  • Optimise your store and enjoy a steady stream of sales that you can control at will, 24/7
  •  Put an end to miserable “test” campaigns and “potential” traffic sources that simply don’t work
  •  Stop staring at your Analytics not knowing what to do - finally make your site data work for you
  •  No big budget necessary to start scaling your Shopify store
  •  Increase your profits with a minimal amount of work
  •  Technical skills & experience are not required 
So that you finally leverage your analytics for more sales, I'm offering:
A membership in my private 7-step coaching program called “Conversion Masters.”
Here is exactly how we'll use your analytics to scale up your sales in just 7 steps

1. Turn your Google Analytics into your sales opportunity hunter

“Where will the next truckload of buyers will come from?” If you don’t know, that’s OK. I’ll show you how to configure Analytics in such a way that you’ll always be able to get the answer. Copying your Analytics info inside your Shopify store is only half the challenge. Then, you also have to set it up. Do you know how?

2. Get as much high-converting traffic as you can handle - instantly

Hundreds of thousands of purchases take place online every day. But when you compare that amount of transactions relative to all web traffic… A dramatic picture reveals itself.As it turns out, only 1% of all web traffic is “buyer” traffic. Everyone else is “just looking.” How do you get more of that 1% “buyer” traffic and avoid the 99% “window shoppers?”

3. Let Analytics walk you directly to the “Gold” mine

Did you know that you can make Analytics work for you, instead of you having to dive deep into spreadsheets to do the same work manually?
Like an X on a treasure map, the “Goals” feature inside your store’s Analytics lets you see exactly where the treasures (i.e., sales opportunities) are buried.  

4. A “Dark” Untapped Traffic Source

Did you know you can leverage Google Shopping portal for free buyer traffic?

I’ll show you how!

Plus: we’ll dive deep into Google AdWords, do’s and don’ts of paid traffic, and proper keyword analysis for minimizing ad spend per-visitor. 

5. Turn missed opportunities into value-add cart checkouts

How do you get your cart abandon rate & bounce rate as close to 0% as possible? How can you maximize your conversions into email subscribers or buyers?
I’ll show you major conversion killers, give you a high-converting page copy for the second most visited page on your Shopify store, and explain ways to boost your perceived trustworthiness and authority online.

This module will demonstrate the perfect way to do proper consumer demand research before you commit to a store idea. 

6. Tap into extra profits “on demand” - whenever you want

You will finally master the ‘finesse elements’ of professional eCommerce that many millionaires have had to learn the hard way.

I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about traffic. Geotargeting… Mobile conversions… Device targeting… Interest categories… Heck, I’ll even drill it down DAY BY DAY and show you WHICH DAYS + WHAT TIME OF DAY is best for running your ad campaigns.

This module will turn your basic Analytics skill set into a data ninja (without ever having you open 1 spreadsheet).

7. This One Display Network Is Under-Utilized Like Crazy

If you haven’t tapped into the power of remarketing yet, you’re going to love this module.
Also known as ‘retargeting,’ this is a super powerful strategy that lets you bring people back to your Shopify store long after they have closed their browser and turned off their computer for the night.
It’s very profitable once you scale it, and for that reason, I decided to include it in my exclusive training.  
***This is what the members area looks like***
Listen to 7 plus figure expert Ben 7 Figure FB Ads expert talking about how I helped him scale his online business with Analytics!
"Dimitris aka the Google Analytics whisperer. He is literally the most genuine & honest person I've ever met."
Ben Malol - Creator of Social Marketing class & Owner of the Facebook Ads Group with more than 31,000 members.
Join my private 7-step coaching program, Conversion Masters and learn how to leverage Google Analytics to find the hidden profits in your business!!

$497  NOW $297

Buy Now for $297

You Are 100% Backed By My Ironclad 30 Day  No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee


Because I bring my clients RESULTS. And i have ALL THE PROOF to back this up!

  • I have helped more than 50+ business owners 1-on-1 to scale their stores. My clients made more than $20,000,000 dollars collectively this past year simply by leveraging their GA data ** This year are going to surpass the $50,000,000 mark
  • I get invited to speak all over the world  in huge ecommerce events about how to scale your ecom store with Google Analytics **Check the pics below
  •  I get invited in private high end masterminds where the only way to sneak in is by having built an amazing name in this industry
  •  I organised 2 sold out mastermind events in Greece where people paid me $4,000 to help them scale their online business. Both of them sold out in less than 3 days.
  •  I am running a large community of ecom marketers on Facebook called Conversion Masters. By the time i type these lines, the group has 7,000+ members.
  •  I have done more than 100+ free trainings, webinars, interviews, videos, podcasts for my people. I really do care about your success.
  •  I provide UNLIMITED value to all of my people. And that's not negotiable. Period.
eCom Pro Academy Summit sharing the stage with Kevin Harrington in San Diego - Oct 2016
After I started bringing RESULTS to clients, I got invited to be an INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER
Pixel Mastery
Los Angeles - Aug 2016
Muslim mastermind
London - Oct 2016
eCom Pro Academy Summit sharing the stage with Kevin Harrington
San Diego - Oct 2016
Teaching Google Adwords for Tecademics
Arizona - Dec 2016
 Teaching 700 affiliate & ecom marketers at Affiliate Word Conference
Berlin - June 2017
I also got invited to private masterminds around the globe simply because I provide so much value to the other attendees
Here i am attending an invite only private Shopify mastermind with 25 of the top ecommerce marketers in the world - New York - June 2017
I am sure you recognise Ezra Firestone, Charles Ngo, Adrian Morrison, Chris Record, Matt Schmitt, Ricky Mataka, Nishant Bardwaj, Sebastian Gomez, Phil Kyprianou, Steve & Evan Tan & other great marketers
Here i am hanging out with Ezra Firestone
I also hang out with the best marketers in the world in amazing locations
I am even organising my own high end masterminds in Greece & have attendees literally from all over the world!
My first official high end mastermind in Santorini Greece - May 2017
Get in now, while open. Smallest investment ever. 
"If you don't know your numbers, you don't have a business!"

$497  NOW $297

Buy Now for $297

You Are 100% Backed By My Ironclad 30 Day  No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

My Client Results Speak for Themselves!
Nishant is spending 7 figures in ad spend every year and he wishes he knew earlier about Analytics!
"Spending a couple million dollars in FB ads, i thought we were scaling really well. But what Dimitris taught me in this call blew my mind!" - Nishant B.
When my clients pay me for my full analytics services, they pay me $5k minimum. Why?
Two reasons:
  • At that price, I can make sure it’s fully “done-for-you.”
  • At that price, I show my clients exactly how they can do what I did for them, so they can “flush-rinse-repeat” my method in the future, and profit however much they’d like.

Now… What if you could get my exact method, including step by step videos and instructions, so you can do it yourself, without me having to spend time working with you one-on-one?

That would save me a tremendous amount of time, while saving you about 96% off my private coaching fee!

This isn’t rocket science. It’s just a “to-do” list.

Scroll down below to see a 7-step blueprint of exactly what you’ll discover inside. 

If you can understand a few simple things about Google Analytics, which I am about to explain to you on this page…

…Then you can take better care of your online business, and even control how fast you grow.

(And you won’t even need a guy like me to hold your hand through it - no need to schedule uncomfortable Skype calls with me, and no need to “learn by watching” when you can “learn by doing,” using the exact same method I would’ve used if you paid me $5k for it)

I achieved all of the above, and so have my clients. Now, it’s your turn!
Listen to some more testimonials of people i've helped so far..
Nehal Kazim - Onwer @AmplifiiCorp - Paid Advertising Expert
"Dimitris is one the guys i highly trust when it comes to Google Analytics & conversions."
Mohamed Ali Aguel - Multiple 7 figure ecom & branding expert
"Dimitris is one of the best experts in the world when it comes to Google Analytics"
Peter Chan Jr - 7 figure Shopify expert
"I just want to say thank you for everything you've done for me, keep doing what you are doing!"
David Hobdell - 7 figure ecommerce & branding expert
"Without a doubt Dimitris is the Google Analytics king."
Today, you can either seize this opportunity, or let it slip.
But if you think extra careful, you’ll realize that.
Are you ready to skyrocket your profits?
Right now, we’re slashing the regular price by $200 off. 
To claim your instant discount, you must register now. Then, the price will increase permanently!

$497  NOW $297

Buy Now for $297

You Are 100% Backed By My Ironclad 30 Day  No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

But WAIT! What if you wanna learn how to be a rockstar with FB ads?
There's a super special BONUS for you! A full whole module on FB ads basics! 
EXTRA! Special Module from FB ads guru SEBASTIAN GOMEZ
 Sebastian has created an exclusive module inside Conversion Masters where shows you how to 
  • 7 Videos & 3+ Hours of pure value, no fluff training from Sebastian Gomez who has done more than $1MM in revenue with his own stores.
  •  You will learn the foundation of FB ads & in which activities to focus on daily for the best results
  •  You will learn how to perform product research like a king & how to test quickly without spending too much on ads
  •  You will learn which are the best ad types to test and how target your ideal client
  •  You will learn how to create your first campaign & what is the proper campaign structure
  •  So much more
That's awesome! But i also want to learn Manual Bidding & Scaling my FB ads
Special BONUS No 2! A full whole module on FB ads Advanced! 
Another EXTRA! Special Module from FB ads mogul BEN MALOL
 Ben has created an exclusive FB ads training for Conversion Masters only.
  • 5 Videos & 3+ Hours of pure value, no fluff training from Ben Malol who has helped hundreds of students with his online trainings & has done more than $1MM in revenue with his own stores.
  • How optimisation works & how to get the best results from your FB ads
  •  Manual Bidding vs Auto Bidding. Which is the best?
  •  The ultimate guide for manual Bidding
  •  The ultimate Scaling blueprint
  • So much more 
That's awesome! Is that all?
Special BONUS No 3! More free GIFTS for you! 
  • 10 Custom Google Analytics reports ready to plug n play for your store!
  • My secret rolodex of must have tools. These are tools that i have personally created for my business & you won't find them anywhere else!
  •  A private FB group where you can get all your question answered by me & other experts
  •  A jump start webinar to get you started when you are feeling overwhelmed with all the new information 
  •  Impromptu video trainings and FB lives interviewing some of the top experts in our industry
  • So much more 
Now is the time for you to enjoy some of the easiest growth of your life.  Guaranteed get inside now.
Don’t delay!
One little tip from here applied is worth 100 times the price of this training

$497  NOW $297

Buy Now for $297

You Are 100% Backed By My Ironclad 30 Day  No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I think so highly of Analytics?

When I began working one-on-one with high paying clients, I realized that 95% of the problems that my clients faced were exactly the same. On a different scale of course, but the essence was the same: 
“How do I track my ad campaigns’ performance?” 


“How does paid traffic work?”


“How can I sell more?”

But Analytics gives you answers to a lot more than just these ‘basic’ questions.

So I decided to create this comprehensive course, to show to my friends and fans: 

- How to diversify your traffic sources (I have a complete 2 hour course on Google Adwords)

Relying on one traffic source is a bad idea. It’s that whole “put your eggs in one basket” thing - you don’t want to do that. 

- How to write an ‘About Us’ page that increases conversions 

This page is the second most visited page on your Shopify store! What you say here can make or break whether visitors who have added items to their cart will checkout or abandon. 

- How to raise the trustworthiness and authority of any store 

People buy from people they like. How can you increase your perceived credibility? I will go quite a bit into this, inside your membership area. 

- How to tag and track FB ads the correct way 

9 out of 10 people who do FB ads will F$#& this up! And it’s not even their fault! FB made this a little confusing, but don’t worry. I’ll show you the part that most people screw up when dealing with FB ad tracking, so you don’t waste a single penny on FB ads.

- Conversion killers that can doom your site into oblivion 

Hate seeing your conversion rates drop after a temporary spike? There may be something that is killing your visitors’ interest in continuing to move forward. We’ll discuss this inside.  

- Learn how to read Google Analytics data

Most people just stare blankly at the Analytics dashboard, not knowing what potential they could tap into, if they knew how to look at all that data. Let me guide you through it, so we can make sense of it together.

- Scaling the store’s profits using findings from Google Analytics

This tool holds answers to so many questions, you just wouldn’t believe it if I listed them all on this page. But those answers will hold the key to SCALING your earnings!.

- Building a super popular brand Want to make your store famous? 

Want to reap the benefits of extra sales that are generated by nothing more than your store’s perceived social benefits to the customer? We’ll tap into ninja buyer psychology, inside your membership area.

- Creating an amazing customer experience with delivery of the products

The customer service starts when your prospect lands on your store, and it ends long after they receive their first package from you. Want to know how I’ve optimized this process for my own 10,000+ happy Shopify customers? I’ll reveal all my secrets to you in my last video of the series.

Are they any upsells waiting for me to buy?
Nope! No tricks!No gimmicks! No upsells! It’s all right here, in one fell swoop, just for you. 

This is all you are going to need. Period.
What if I want a refund?

My rock solid promise to you is that everything I’ve explained to you on this page will be shown to you once you become a member.

And as a reminder, your membership is absolutely risk free for 30 days. I’m very confident in the quality of my course, because this is my flagship product, and my reputation means everything to me.

So you probably won’t want a refund, but in case you do, my no-questions-asked money back guarantee is your “safety harness.”

You can claim your immediate refund - for any reason whatsoever - within 30 days of joining.

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